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E-commerce services for retailers of all sizes.

Responsive Design

All themes which we already did are responsive and we also turn non-responsive theme to responsive ones.

Web Security

Web site audits and penetration testing.



Send us an PSD and we'll do the rest.

Online Marketing

Online marketing on various channels.

SEO Monitoring

Professional SEO monitoring where website size doesn't matter, we already realized projects for both small and large websites.



Our projects

Take a look on projects which we've already realized.

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Theme coding

For biggest bank
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IT Consulting

For big telco provider
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Digital marketing

For healthcare project
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Website optimization

For top 4 consulting company
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SEO analysis

SEO analysis for biggest retailer
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Color optimization

For nonprofit organization


Not a real opinions, just for demo purposes of Anchita Theme.

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Not a real business offer, just for demo purposes of Anchita Theme.

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Free setup
50 GB storage
5 databases

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Free setup
100 GB storage
10 databases

Basic but good value for the money.

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Free setup
1000 GB storage
100 databases

Professional enterprise solution.

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Bootstrap 3

This theme is based on world most famous HTML/CSS framework Bootstrap 3.


This theme contains carousel template and structure which helps you to promote your products or company.

Color schemes

Variety of color schemes is provided for this theme. Pick one which you like the most or use custom color if you want.

Custom color

Even there's a plenty of color schemes this theme enables you to choose custom colors to perfectly match your fine tuned corporate identity.

Custom logo

Ability to use custom logo is must have for every company to leverage full potential of its corporate identity.

Advanced structures

This theme contains a lot of advanced structures and templates, so you don't need to know coding (HTML/CSS) to be able to create content.

Acme Corp. logo
Sirius Cybernetics Corp. logo
Soylent Corp. logo
Tyrell Corp. logo

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