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Stelladuce Theme is responsive multi-purpose corporate business theme for Liferay Portal 7.1 (both DXP or CE).
​​​​​​​This theme is great for making landing pages due to fact that it leverages new (since Liferay 7.1) "page fragments" functionality.


Check out all the features which Stelladuce Theme provides and how they are integrated to Liferay

In-line editable page fragments

With page fragments you can edit content in-line and you get what you see. No coding knowledge is required. Stelladuce Theme contains many fragments in many colors (up to 5 colors for each fragment - white, light grey, primary, secondary and dark grey) which means that you are ready to build your site very fast. Page fragments are great for building content pages.

All fragments overview

Check out huge collection of page fragments which Stelladuce Theme contains

Custom colors

This theme gives you ability to choose from 16 million colors your preferred one to match exactly your corporate identity or your personal preference. You could use hexadecimal color code or pick color with color picker. Custom color could be applied through theme setting for whole site or just for single page which is great for campaign landing page etc.

Custom logo

With custom logo functionality built in Liferay there are no barriers to customize your site for your own needs.

Color schemes

If you don't want to use custom colors, then you can choose from many color schemes which are available in this theme.

Font sets

This theme contains also different font sets, there are pairs of fonts where different font is used for titles and different font is used for paragraphs. With configurable font sets functionality you could build ordinary corporate websites as well as fancy startup websites.

Menu and footer styles

Main menu and footer has 4 style combinations: white, light grey, primary (primary theme color is used) and dark grey. White and light grey combination is great with coloured site logo, on the other hand dark grey and primary looks great with monochromatic logo.

Search in navigation bar

Search input is collapsible under navigation bar. You can choose if you want to show search link in navigation bar.

Mobile ready

This theme is ready to use on mobile devices such as smart-phones or tablets due to responsive page fragments and special mobile menu (including 2nd level functionality).

2nd level navigation menu

2nd level menu is must have functionality and this theme doesn't make any excuses. 2nd level menu also works on mobile devices.

Responsive design

With responsive design there is no need to build multiple versions of websites for mobile and desktop devices anymore.This theme contains tested responsive fragments, which are developed according to responsive standards which means that there is no duplicate code and responsivness is achieved with correct stacking on smaller viewports.

Call to Action fragment with full size background video

Helps you to get extra attention from your customers to promote desired product.Auto play functionality does not work in Microsoft Edge browser, however that's the feature of this browser.

Responsive image carousel

Image carousel consists template, structure and pre-imported web content and could be included as an fragment to the widget page.


Fonts supports multiple languages.

Social media links

Display all your important social media links in footer section to engage your customers even more.

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How to create Site from Stelladuce Theme

How to set fixed navigation bar


Frequently asked questions

Does this theme support staging?

Yes Stelladuce Theme supports this popular enterprise feature.

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